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Lolë is a Canadian brand dedicated to women welfare. Founded in 2002 in Montreal, Lolë clothing is designed for active and modern women, emphasizing their silhouettes and providing support and slimming effect. Lolë lifestyle collection is easily worn for sport or in the city. Lolë running collection cater to all sports and women, combining femininity, technicality and comfort while retaining freedom of movement. Lolë innovates by its fabrics and cuts that bring softness, breathing, flexibility, elasticity. Lolë sports clothing are stylish with discreet detailing, combining natural and technical materials for high performance. You will love the durability of Lolë clothing, its comfort and versatility. Find all sports clothing and accessories for women on Place des Tendances.
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Noir LOLË Gris LOLË Rose LOLË Noir LOLË Rose LOLË Gris LOLË Bleu LOLË Jaune LOLË Gris LOLË Noir LOLË Gris LOLË Rouge LOLË Blanc LOLË Jaune LOLË Noir LOLË Rouge LOLË Noir LOLË Blanc LOLË Noir LOLË Rouge LOLË Bleu LOLË Noir LOLË Noir LOLË Gris LOLË Rose LOLË Rouge LOLË Noir LOLË Blanc LOLË Rouge LOLË Gris LOLË Rouge LOLË Rouge LOLË Bleu LOLË Noir LOLË Noir LOLË Jaune LOLË Gris LOLË Gris LOLË Gris LOLË Blanc LOLË