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There is no need to say, jewellery will dress up your outfits with elegance and refinement. So we opt either for gold or silver or for the most original, we bet on strong pieces that will give colour and character to your outfits. Necklaces, bracelets or earrings, there is something for every taste and every style. Discover all our jewellery on Place des Tendances. 

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I CODE I Code X Bangle Up printed bangle

75,00 € 37,50 €

IKKS Stainless steel chain mix and stone necklace

65,00 € 39,00 €

IKKS Stylish steel ring

50,00 € 40,00 €

IKKS Stainless steel talisman ring

50,00 € 40,00 €

MAJE POISSON - Pisces zodiac sign medallion necklace

65,00 €

BANGLE UP LUMI - Gold-plated brass mini hoop earrings

55,00 €

AU PRINTEMPS PARIS Collier multi-rangs

39,00 €

BBUBLE LOVE - Bracelet with ceramic beads + 1 gold-plated star

85,00 €


50,00 €

LES NEREIDES Cultured pearls and two-strand chain necklace

90,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Cabochon necklace

36,00 €

MAJE NCASCADEPRECIEUXBO - Diamanté and brass earrings

85,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Natural stone and fine gold-plated metal bracelet

32,00 €
T52 T54 T56


112,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Labradorite cuff bracelet

350,00 €

BANGLE UP CASTELANE - Gold-plated brass bracelet

90,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Flamboyant red hoop earrings

47,50 €

SATELLITE PARIS Sleeper earrings

91,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Cabochon clip-on earrings

69,00 €

FEEKA NAELLY - Closed brass hoop earrings

42,00 €

HIPANEMA ELECTRA - Narrow bracelet

59,00 €

FEEKA GALA - Acetate earrings

25,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Cabochon clip-on earrings

69,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Blue bohemian adjustable bracelet

63,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Natural stone and fine gold-plated metal cuff

184,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Natural stone and fine gold-plated metal necklace

157,50 €

MILA CREATION JUDE - Long golden metal necklace with jasper

85,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Bague en pierres naturelles et métal doré à l'or fin

37,00 €

MILA CREATION PASTI - Smoky quartz earrings

68,00 €

LOUISE HENDRICKS MOON - Brass stud earrings

73,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Pendant necklace

45,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Natural stone and fine gold-plated metal necklace

168,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Natural stone and fine gold-plated metal necklace

153,00 €
ONE SIZE 34 36


225,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Natural stone and gold-plated metal cuff

367,50 €

SATELLITE PARIS Mother-of-pearl and garnet clip earrings

150,00 €

BANGLE UP INES - Golden lacquered bracelet

60,00 €

LA FEE MARABOUTEE Gold-plated metal necklace

39,00 €

SATELLITE PARIS Natural stone and fine gold-plated metal earrings

71,50 €

MAJE Zodiac sign medallion necklace

79,00 €

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Women watches and jewellery are used to accessorize and brighten your look, from the most classic to the most sophisticated. In terms of style, there are several choices: from a trendy wristwatch to a more sporty watch. In recent years, jewellery fashion has provided a rich selection of items: necklace, colourful bracelet, dangling earrings... with a mix of materials and colours. Gold or silver, choose your jewelry or your watch according to the color of your skin: a gold for dark complexion and silver for lighter skin tone . Feel like buying a bracelet? Opt for a large model, it is very fashionable. The brand of watches and jewellery Agatha offers a wide selection of watches, bracelets, earrings or necklace for your enjoyment.

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