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Dresses Women

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Dresses Women

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Bleu LACOSTE 136,50 € Bleu LACOSTE 155,00 € Rouge LIU JO 195,00 € Bleu POLO RALPH LAUREN 199,00 € Bleu I CODE 100,00 € Blanc LIU JO 255,00 € Beige LIU JO 229,00 € Beige LIU JO 195,00 € Noir LIU JO 129,00 € Noir LIU JO 99,00 € Blanc LACOSTE 120,00 € Blanc BA & SH 180,00 € Rose LIU JO 195,00 € Rouge LIU JO 195,00 € Gris LIU JO 99,00 € Bleu BA & SH 250,00 € Rose BILLABONG 40,00 € Noir LIU JO 255,00 € Rose LIU JO 185,00 € Blanc POLO RALPH LAUREN 155,00 € Bleu LACOSTE 120,00 € Blanc LACOSTE 175,00 € Rouge BA & SH 340,00 € Noir BA & SH 180,00 € Blanc LIU JO 239,00 € Noir LIU JO 129,00 € Noir LIU JO 109,00 € Bleu LACOSTE 210,00 € Vert LIU JO 299,00 € Vert POLO RALPH LAUREN 199,00 € Gris REPETTO 250,00 € Noir I CODE 115,00 € Bleu LACOSTE 120,00 € Noir LACOSTE 115,00 € Noir LIU JO 159,00 € Noir LIU JO 119,00 € Kaki BA & SH 250,00 € Bleu POLO RALPH LAUREN 155,00 € Noir ADIDAS 39,95 € Bleu BA & SH 240,00 € Rouge BA & SH 240,00 € Rouge LIU JO 135,00 € Blanc BA & SH 250,00 €

Dresses Women

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The perfect partner to your trainers, the sports dress is a little-known weapon in a woman's sartorial arsenal. Halfway between a short dress and a T-shirt, the T-shirt dress, as it is sometimes called, can be worn with or without tights.

Depending on the cut, sports dresses can be paired with a coat, a hat or a baseball cap to finish your outfit. Use this piece as the basis for a trendy look or an eclectic outfit. For more fitted styles, check out the rest of this season's dresses.

Every great brand has its own version. While Reebok draws inspiration from running and basketball jersey cuts when re-imagining the sports dress, others, such as Eleven Paris, focus on reinventing the T-shirt, with a nightie-style cut. There is a huge choice of dresses and options to inspire you! If you prefer a more classic style, just cast your eye over our women's sports t-shirts.

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